About SCSS

Slippery Corner Shooters Supply (SCSS) was established February 2009 and is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Jeff Olson. SCSS strives to be your one stop resource for all products related to the hunting and shooting sports.

SCSS started with reloading products (Powder, Primers, Bullets and Reloading Equipment) due to the fact that most firearm related retailers other than the big box stores avoid stocking these products in any quantities. The hazardous material shipping charges makes it very difficult for them to be competitively priced! 

SCSS is currently not a licensed firearms dealer but we have access to virtually everything else an avid shooter/hunter might need or want! SCSS fully intends to expand to offer firearms in the near future, we simply chose to build our business on the harder things to sell or stock thus when the time is right the addition of firearms will be an easy one. Visit us and you will see a very well stocked shooting supply store not a gun shop with none of the associated goodies!